Suitable riding clothes for every occasion

During horse riding you wear the best clothing that is comfortable and in which you can move easily when sitting on the horse. Of course you want to wear good clothing, but this should also be handy. In addition, you naturally want to look good during competitions.

Clothing for training or for competitions

Are you looking for riding clothes? Then you are at the right place at MHS Equestrian. In our range you will find both clothing that you can wear when you exercise and when you are driving for relaxation. In addition, you can come to us for special competition clothing.

Horse riding clothing usually consists of a shirt with short or long sleeves, a sweater and a jacket in combination with breeches.

Riding breeches are fitted with specially deployed and reinforced pieces. These prevent the pants from wearing out quickly and offer comfort while driving by protecting your skin.

Various models, sizes and colors

Whatever horse riding clothing it is, whether it is a pair of pants or a shirt or something else, it is available in various models and sizes. So feel free to take a look at the webshop and choose from the number of items of clothing. The prices of the riding clothes vary considerably. This means there is something to be found for every budget.

Clothing and accessories for every season

Riding clothes are worn in summer as well as in winter, which is why garments such as warm jackets are also available in which you do not get cold while riding. In addition to the clothing itself, we also offer accessories such as belts that you can use to complete your (competition) costume in detail.