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Fit your pants with the belts from MHS Equestrian

There are few situations in which you buy riding breeches that fit perfectly and our belts offer a solution. Most riders choose pants that are comfortable at the widest parts of the body and may be looser at the waist. With our riding belts you can solve that in one go. In addition, they are also fashionable, so you can be seen with your belt. Belts are ideal for fitting riding breeches that are comfortable but do not fit perfectly around your body.

The belts of MHS Equestrian

A good belt is very important if your pants are too loose. This can then cause annoying chafing while driving and cause irritation in those places. With the riding belts from MHS Equestrian, your pants will stay in your waist and will not tear in your inner leg or in other annoying places. With our belts for your riding breeches, that no longer happens and you can ride your horse comfortably. There is bound to be a belt that suits your taste and outfit, because we have a wide range. In this way you are not only comfortable but also very fashionable.