Riding Boots

Choose good boots for horse riding

Riding boots are indispensable while riding. You should always have this on so that you can ride more easily and your feet have a good grip in the stirrups.

How often do you wear the boots?

Riding boots are for sale in various models. When choosing the right pair of riding boots, it is important to take certain things into account. First find out for which branch of equestrian sport you want to use the riding boots. Other boots are used for jumping than for dressage. In addition, it is also important to see how often you wear the boots on average. If you do not drive that often, you can also opt for more affordable boots made of rubber. These will not last as long, but will fit smoothly around your legs.

Walk-in is necessary

Do you ride a lot of horses? Then learn to consider riding boots. Riding boots that are made of leather are available both with and without warm lining on the inside. With riding boots made of leather there is often a zipper on the front or side so that you can put it on more easily. Always keep in mind that your leather boots must walk in well before they are really comfortable to wear. Regular maintenance is also important to make the service life as long as possible.

Choose the correct length and width

Riding boots are not that cheap to buy but it is especially important that you choose boots that are comfortable and have a good fit for your legs. Not everyone has the same thin or thicker lower legs and the length of your lower leg is not the same for everyone. That's why you choose boots that are the right length for your legs but that also fit well. That way you will enjoy it the most.

At MHS Equestrian we sell different models of boots in various sizes, both for adults and children. Many models are also available in a normal width and just a bit wider.