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Using tracks while riding

Does your horse not respond well to your leg aids? Then you can choose to use tracks while driving. You attach sports to your riding boots and are a tool when performing certain actions. When using spurs, it is important to ensure that you have your leg neatly still so that you are not stuck in the belly of your horse uncontrollably.

Characteristics of various tracks

Horse tracks can be purchased in various types in our webshop. They are available in various sizes, for both juniors and adults. In addition, you can choose types that are made of stainless steel or that have a rubber edge. The ends of the tracks are always made of stainless steel but can have different shapes. This way you can make a choice from tracks that are blunt at the end or that have the shape of a button. With this you can spur the horse better but they are not as sensitive as the variants that have a wheel at the end.

Extra accessories

To attach spurs to your riding boots, you need spur straps. You pass this through the openings of the track and attach it around your ankle with the help of a buckle. There are also spur protectors that give your spurs a more chic look and protect your boots against possible damage by sanding the spurs.

Both the straps and the protectors are for sale in different versions so that you can always find one that matches the rest of your outfit or the horse. For example, in our webshop you will also find straps that match a bridle for a horse or a belt that you can wear yourself as a rider.