Showring Accessories

Choose good accessories when you ride competitions

If you go to a competition, then of course you want to make sure that you look your best. With the right competition clothing and competition accessories, you as a rider ensure that you look good anyway. At MHS Equestrian you will find different products to get your competition outfit in order.

Always have a neat outfit

With the help of appropriate competition accessories you can complete your competition outfit completely. For example, think of a chic waistcoat, a beautiful plastron or a clip that you can use to attach the back number you get to your costume.

Such a clip is a useful tool, especially when you have to change numbers during a competition because you participate in multiple parts. A plastron looks like a sort of tie that you wear over your blouse and under your jacket to complete your outfit. Then it is equipped with a nice pin to keep the two parts of the plastron neatly in place. It also looks extra nice!

Do you have your riding boots nicely polished, then of course you want them to arrive at your destination just as nicely. The same applies to your clothing and other accessories. One way to do this is by using special covers. There are special covers for your riding boots as well as covers for your competition clothing. Useful! This way everything arrives on location, they have nothing to suffer and everything stays nice and clean.

Animal and home accessories

In addition to accessories for the rider, you can also choose an accessory such as a nice storage folder for your horse's passport. We also have text signs in our range. These are provided with a beautiful image with text that of course belong to horses and the corresponding sport. You simply hang the text boards on the wall at home, just like a poster or painting.