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  1. 'Bit' key ring
    'Bit' key ring
  2. Bag True Love Navy 1 SIZE
    Bag True Love Navy 1 SIZE
  3. BR POS fire board
    BR POS fire board
  4. Farm Shop Coffee Mug Horse
    Farm Shop Coffee Mug Horse
  5. Farm Shop Milk Cup Horse
    Farm Shop Milk Cup Horse
  6. Farmers shop Kom Paard
    Farmers shop Kom Paard
  7. Harry's Horse Helmet- & gchanneling bag XXL
    Harry's Horse Helmet- & gchanneling bag XXL
  8. Harry's Horse Stocktie Circle
    Harry's Horse Stocktie Circle
  9. Harry's Horse Stocktie Horizon
    Harry's Horse Stocktie Horizon
  10. Harry's Horse Stocktie Ribbon
    Harry's Horse Stocktie Ribbon
  11. Horse Badge
    Horse Badge
  12. Horse cuddly Star Brown L
    Horse cuddly Star Brown L
  13. Horse Keychain with Gems
    Horse Keychain with Gems
  14. Horse Party Napkins
    Horse Party Napkins
  15. Horse shape board
    Horse shape board
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Items 1-20 of 75

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Set Descending Direction

If you like horses, chances are that this love started early. As a horse lover it is always nice to get things related to equestrian sport. These do not necessarily have stuff like brushes, kibble breeches to be, but also cards, posters, toys and keychains always work well. At MHS Ruitersport you will find an extensive collection of gift items for the greatest horse lovers. Nice for yourself, but also perfect to give as a gift!

Small gifts

A nice example of small horse presents are pencils, pens or cards. Natural piece by piece with a horse on it. These gifts are not too expensive, but they are a nice little thing that horse lovers will be happy with anyway.

And what about a horse keychain or a birthday calendar with a different beauty picture of a horse every month?

You can of course also make a gift complete with a suitable greeting card. Preferably with the favorite horse breed of the recipient on it! And not to forget; The presents are best wrapped in a matching gift paper with horses on it.

Horse party

Is there a party planned? Dress everything nicely with a horse tablecloth, napkins and party garlands. This way, the party of the horse-loving birthday boy is guaranteed to be a great success!


Even when it comes to nice jewelry with horses you are at the right place at MHS Equestrian. In our range you will find different bracelets and chains with a horse pendant. Choose the silver-colored jewelry when you are looking for a subtle piece of jewelry or go for a leather variant when you go for a cool look.

Gift vouchers

Are you looking for a suitable gift, but you have no idea what you want to give? Or do you have multiple items in mind and can't make a choice? You are always in the right place with an MHS Equestrian gift voucher. The recipient can choose something nice in our webshop, or use the gift voucher for something they still need for their horse. Because of the wide range we can find something for every horse lover and horse!