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The best books for the horse lover

If you love horses and you have a horse, there are plenty of books to help you practice this sport as well as possible. Whether it is about taking care of your horse, about training, about different types of horses or about horse behavior, there is a horse book for you to find. Books about horse and horses are ideal for evenings when your horse is in the stable and you have the time to delve further into certain matter. At MHS Equestrian you will find a book in which you will find the information you need and with which you can learn more about your horse.

Books for children

There are also plenty of books about horses for children. They can learn from this when they take horse riding lessons, for example, but there are also fun reading books for children in which they will recognize themselves. With a children's book on horses, you help your child instill a love of reading while learning more about his or her favorite hobby. At MHS Equestrian we do not lack horse books, so take a look through our range, choose a book for yourself or your child and learn more about the wonderful world of horses.