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Buy a well-fitting riding cap

Horse riding is a fun hobby and sport. However, it is always wise to be careful when you step on the back of a horse. Wearing protective aids is therefore advised. For example, wearing a riding cap. Of course you never intend to fall off your horse, but if it does happen, then aids such as a riding cap can make you less likely to be injured.

Characteristics of a riding cap

Wearing a riding cap is mandatory when you step on a horse. A cap is therefore worn in all disciplines within equestrian sports, whether it is dressage or jumping. You are not only required to wear the riding cap during a competition. When you step on the horse, don't forget to put on your cap! You wear a riding cap purely for your own safety.

In our assortment you will find different models of riding caps. All caps have a band that runs under your chin and which you then attach. In this way you cannot lose the riding cap while driving and they will also stay in place in case you fall off it once.

Riding caps have a plastic exterior that is provided with a number of ventilation holes. This is to ensure that the cap can breathe well and to prevent your head from getting too hot. The caps are available in different sizes. There are also caps available that can be adjusted so that they fit precisely (that is of course the most important!).

In general, caps are available in black. Some models are also available in other colors, for example in brown.

Wear a cap in combination with a lining

It is possible to combine a riding cap with a lining that you can wear in the cap. This lining is made of fabric and ensures a good wearing comfort of the cap. The lining is breathable and you can attach it to the cap using Velcro. By using such a lining, the cap feels softer on the inside, which makes it more comfortable to wear. Is the lining dirty? Then you can simply wash the liner in the washing machine.