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Order reflection for a horse online

Thanks to reflection, you and your horse are clearly visible at all times while riding. The influence of reflection while riding should not be underestimated. Especially when it is slightly darker, you are less visible to other road users while riding. The less visible you are in the dark, the greater the risk of accidents. Of course you want to avoid this completely. Therefore always wear reflection on your horse. This ensures that you can be clearly seen by everyone, even in the evening.

Why reflection on a horse is essential

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that a rider and his or her horse are overlooked when it is a bit darker. Logically you want to do everything you can to prevent this, because an accident due to a collision often has catastrophic consequences for both yourself and your horse. Reflectors on a horse can make the difference here. Reflection is available in various forms and ensures that you are clearly visible at all times. These light up in the dark. Because reflective clothing and attributes light up in the dark, you are always visible to everyone. This significantly reduces the risk of accidents. It is therefore advisable to purchase it through our online store. You can choose from different types of clothing. The most chosen variant is a reflective vest, but reflective gloves are also an option. In addition, you can use reflective bandage with Velcro that can be placed in various places on your body. This also increases your visibility. You can also place this bandage around the legs of your horse.