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Order a plastron at MHS Equestrian

A plastron is a type of breastplate that is often worn by riders during competitions. In terms of shape, it is sometimes reminiscent of a tie, but there are still big differences between the two. A plastron is often worn while riding to enhance the appearance. That is why you regularly see a plastron during a horse riding competition. If you want to look good during a competition, this accessory is indispensable. Moreover, you have a wide choice of many variants within our range.

The added value of a plastron

During competitions you want to look good on your horse anyway. However, in competitions where a jury is present, a good appearance can make that little bit of difference. That is why a well-groomed appearance is important anyway. A well-chosen plastron can contribute to this. The great thing about plastrons is that they are available in many variants. Most of them have a white color, although there are also variants that have a light pink color. In addition, the format and style can be varied. This accessory is often also provided with decorations and other finishes. This allows this accessory to both seamlessly connect with the rest of your clothing and steal the show yourself. Everything available within our range is of a high quality. Yet you do not pay the main price for this, because we always deliver our products for a friendly price. In addition, we ensure that the delivery takes place smoothly, and from 49 euros you do not have to pay shipping costs. The reflection period is 30 days and returns are possible.