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Purchase a rider's tie

If you want to look good during a competition, a tie is recommended for every rider. You regularly see a tie in equestrian sport. Ties not only look good on a rider, but they can also make the difference when you have to be judged by a jury. As part of an outfit, a tie for a rider can complement the ensemble as well as stand out from the rest of the outfit. That is the power of a good tie.

Tie for a rider: a wide range

It is often thought that a tie is the same as a plastron, but that is not the case. Although a plastron sometimes looks a bit like a tie, you can describe it more as a breast patch than a traditional tie. Of course you can also contact us for plastrons, but if you are looking for a nice tie, you are also in the right place. Our range consists only of high-quality products, which you can also buy for a good price. Most ties have a white color, although the hue may differ. Especially in terms of shape and dimensions, ties can sometimes vary from each other. It is important to find a tie that optimally matches the rest of your ensemble. Plenty of choice within our range. If you still have doubts about which tie best matches your outfit, you can always contact us for advice. Nowhere else will you find a better price-quality ratio, more expert advice and such good customer conditions. That is why you choose MHS Equestrian.