Sectolin Equistop - with sprayer 450 ml


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Means to nibble.
Protects all objects from nibbling thanks to the bitter taste.
Non-toxic, colorless and odorless - can also be used in tails of breeding mares, for example. It is the most bitter substance in the world, which makes the anti-rodent so effective. Equistop protects bandages, rugs and wood, among other things, thanks to its bitter ingredients. Equistop also works against crib biting. However, especially the cause of the crib biting needs to be resolved and the living conditions will have to be adjusted to stop the crib biting. Equistop is also very suitable for breeding foals. For example, the product can be used against tail biting in broodmares. Equistop consists exclusively of the best raw materials that meet strict quality requirements. It does not stain after application. Even with long-term use, the product remains completely harmless to animals, humans and the environment.

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Treatment AreaTail and Mane

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