Sectolin Hoof spray Pro - Ecostyle 200 ml


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For strong and healthy hoof rays.

Hoof Spray Pro ensures strong and healthy rays at horse grease for hoofs. Wet ground under rug, too little exercise sheet sheet and poor hoof care can put the health of the hoof to the test. Hoof Spray Pro balances the hoof rays and has a caring effect. It promotes the natural reunder rugy of the hoof and contains a number of active ingredients such as marigold blossom, chamomile blossom and larch resin. These natural active ingredients promote natural reunder rugy, have a soothing effect and cleanse thoroughly. The effect starts immediately after application.

use: clean the hoof carefully, dry and spray generously with the hoof spray. For optimal results, inject the hoof (rays) completely 1 to 2 times a day. The spray can be used lungeing reinr. I can use the spray can in all positions, even upside down! It is easy to use because it works silently.

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The history of ECOstyle goes back more than 50 years. This company was the first to develop and sell ecologically responsible products, where it would have a minimal impact on the environment.