Sectolin OerBalance powder bucket - Ecostyle 4 kg


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OerBalans has been specially developed for horses. Horses are naturally sensitive to the development of disturbed digestion and metabolism due to increased stress, incorrect diet or overload. This can often be seen in a dull coat or sensitive skin. OerBalans is for maintaining optimal metabolism. OerBalans is also for horses where the resistance can use some support.

The ination of herbs, vitamins, minerals and trace elements makes this herb food so complete that it not only stimulates the liver for the metabolism, but also supports the immune system. OerBalans naturally keeps the horse in balance. By feeding OerBalans other supplementary feed with vitamins and minerals is no lungeing reinr necessary. Because all ingredients are of natural origin, the body 'recognizes' the substances that promote the absorption.


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The history of ECOstyle goes back more than 50 years. This company was the first to develop and sell ecologically responsible products, where it would have a minimal impact on the environment.