Each miniature horse or Shetland pony responds differently to a bit or snaffle. One miniature horse has a better response to pressure on the tongue, while the other horse responds better to pressure on the bars (also Diastema: the soft, open space between the incisors and molars). Furthermore, small-sized bits are usually equipped with (half) cheek snaffle and small bit rings, so the bit remains stable in horse's mouth.
Additionally, one miniature horse responds better to a stainless steel bit, while the other horse may respond better to a bit with (sweet) copper alloy or even to a bit made of leather.

To what kind of bit your horse reacts to the best is a mostly a matter of trail and error. Our range is so extensive we guarantee you will find a well-fitting bit for any mini horse or Shetland pony. The average bit size for a mini horse is about 9 cm. For a Shetland pony it is normally 10 cm. However, this may vary from horse to horse. For the exact size of all our different bits, we refer to the bits size chart.

Training bits

If you want to train your miniature horse or Shetland pony, it is convenient to choose a training bit. Especially when your horse not accustomed to using a bit, it is wise to begin with a bit that will rest calmly in the horse's mouth. 

Driving bits

These are bits that are made for usage while carriage driving. Driving bits are not only very suitable for use in combination with reins and a leads, but they also look even  more luxurious.

Our collection consists of bits or snaffle of well known, high quality brands such as HH and Tough-1. We also have their own extensive line of bits, our MHS collection.

For additional information we refer to the bit size charts and product information.