MHS has various articles that you will need for the birth and care of a foal. These products help you to be alert at the time of delivery and to prepare well for childbirth.

Birth alarm

At the end of pregnancy, a birth alarm on your halter or girth will help mare you have to be alert to the birth of the foal. When the mare lies down, the alarm goes off. The sensitivity is adjustable and the various birth alarms in our range have various, useful extra functions. The birth alarm is often supported by a camera, so that you can see from a distance whether the birth has started.

Around the birth of a mini, shetlander, pony or horse foal

Mares are most fertile and in heat in spring and summer. After the (successful) mating, your horse's foal is born after an average of 320-330 days. That is a gestation period of no less than 11 months. This is an average and there are differences in the gestation period from about three weeks shorter to four weeks longer.

Most horses like to give birth in silence - preferably in the dark - in peace. Most foals are therefore born at night. Because of course you want to know that everything is going well around the birth and you want to be ready in case something goes wrong, there is the birth alarm Almost all horses that give birth lie on their side. That way they can give the foal as much space as possible during the pushing contractions.

A birth alarm goes off as soon as your horse lies flat on its side and sends a signal to your mobile phone, which causes it to go off. This way you can still witness the birth of the foal and take immediate action in the event of complications by calling the vet immediately or if you really need to intervene yourself. You can expand your birth alarm with a security camera. With this you keep a close eye on your pregnant mare and you immediately know whether it is a false alarm or not. The camera is also Ideal for keeping an eye on your horse or pony in other situations.

Everything to provide extra support for your newborn foal

A newborn foal is vulnerable and could use some extra help. In the MHS webshop you will find various products for this, such as a breathing spray that helps your newborn foal get started. come from good breathing. The Vetericyn Super 7+ spray is a solution to disinfect the umbilical cord after birth.

Foal Blankets

MHS has various foal rugs, from extra small to large, in its range. These blankets are great to give the foal extra protection against cold or rain.

Foal halters

MHS has various halters in its range especially for your foal, suitable for the the smallest to the largest foal races. For additional information, please refer to the product information.