Birth Alarm Shet

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Order a birth alarm for your Shet

If you are looking for a birth alarm for your Shet horse, you will find everything you need in this area at our shop. A Shet birth alarm is essential to have when your Shetland is pregnant. The name of this accessory already indicates exactly what it is for. After all, the exact moment when a pony is going to be born is random. It can happen during the day, but also in the middle of the night. Fortunately, with a birth alarm for your Shetland you always know for sure when the time has come.

How does a birth alarm for a Shet work?

The principle behind a birth alarm for your Shet is quite simple. Every mare that is about to give birth, lies on her flanks. This will be detected by this device, after which it will notify you when the time comes. Due to the unlimited range of this device, you will receive this notification wherever you are. For example, if you were away to do some shopping, you can go home immediately after this report to accompany your horse during the delivery. In addition, it is possible to link multiple telephone numbers to the birth alarm. When one of your horses is pregnant, a birth alarm is a must have. Your horse will never be alone again, because from now on you will know exactly when the delivery started. In our shop you will find a wide range of birth alarms. That way you will always find what you need. If you complete your order before 5 pm, we will send your birth alarm to you the same day.