Birth Shet

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Everything you need for the birth of your Shet

The birth of a Shet is a beautiful moment, but it is also an event where you want to make sure that everything is going well. Fortunately, you will find everything you need for the birth of a Shet in our webshop. Various accessories can help you to make the birth of a Shetland go as smooth as possible. Within our range you will find, among other things, a birth set for a Shet, in which you will find everything you need. This way you can go into labor with confidence.

What do you need for the birth of a Shet?

Childbirth is an exciting time for which you want to be optimally prepared. Thanks to the stuff from our range, this is all right. But what do you need for a birth? First, it is advisable to have a birth alarm. This alarm gives you a notification when the delivery is about to start. Such alarms have an unlimited range, so you never miss when the delivery actually starts. But there are more things that are important during childbirth or after birth. Firstly, there is foal milk, to support the young horse. If the delivery does not go as smoothly as desired, it is advisable to have lubricant at home. If a bandage is required, you can buy flex wraps through our site. You will also find milk test strips in our range. You can read from this how long it will take approximately before the delivery starts.