A browband is a nice eye-catcher with your shetlander or mini-horse. In addition, he ensures that the bridle of your horse does not slide backwards. Shop now at MHS Equestre for the best models.

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Order the most beautiful browbands online at MHS Equestrian

With a nice browband you give the bridle of your shetlander or miniature horse an extra stylish or chic look.

At MHS Equestrian you will find a wide selection of striking browbands. They feature rhinestones, including the genuine Swarovski stones, in silver and other stylish colors. In terms of model you can choose a straight model, a wave form or a double wave form.

For the true divas among shetlanders and mini-horses, we have browband Diva from Harry’s Horse. This beautiful leather browband is inlaid with pink bling stones and has the shape of a tiara.

You can also find the smallest formats in our webshop

We also have beautiful bling bling browbands for the smallest miniature horses. In our size table for bridles you will find the exact dimensions for the browbands part.

Always ensure that the browband is sufficiently long. If a browband is too short, it can pinch against your ears. This is of course not very pleasant for your horse.

The function of the browband

The browband is not only a beautiful eye-catcher, it also has a function. It ensures that the bridle of your horse cannot slide backwards and it holds the headpiece and noseband together.

The browbands of MHS Equestrian are made of supple and soft leather, so that it is comfortable for your mini horse or shet.

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