In our online shop you will find everything you need for bringing your mini horse, from your sulky to the carriage number holder, storage and gloves. Below the products are described briefly.


Our Sulky's are lightweight, safe and suitable for all occasions and on any terrain, adjustable to your mini horse’s or Shetland Pony's height. Our Sulkies are easily balanced to different sizes miniature horses and/or Shetland pony. Additionally there is the possibility for one or two seats. It is also possible to get a Sulky Cavaletti with an double driving boom for driving two mini horses or Shetland ponies.

All Sulky's are available in any colour you wish and spare parts are available separately.

More information about the Sulky's can be found in the individual product information.


Our harnesses are available in leather or plastic. To last longer these harnesses are reinforced with nylon in some places.


We have various lengths whips for lungeing or driving with your mini horse or Shetland pony.

Driving apron

Our driving aprons offer excellent protection against all weather conditions.

Driving accessories

In addition to the products above you can get driving accessories that facilitate driving even more, such as gloves.

For further information we refer to the size charts and product information.