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Mini horses and shetland pony's are extremely popular in driving, for example for a sulky. Are you planning to drive? Or can your driving equipment use an update? Take a look at our wide range.

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Shetlanders and other small horses are often used in driving, for example in combination with a sulky.

A sulky is a light two or four-wheel car. Due to the light weight, a sulky is a nice way to go out with your shetlander or mini horse. Your horse is strained in front of the sulky in a singlespan, or in a pair when you want to ride two horses.

We call the driver of the sulky a pikeur. The pikeur sits on the seat on the connection between the wheels of the sulky. With some models there is room for 2 people in the seat. Your horse walks in a lamon (drawbar window), this connects the sulky with the breast collar of your horse. You control your horse with leads of which you will find an extensive assortment in our webshop.

Always a sulky that fits your horse

Your sulky must of course fit well with the size of your horse. Our sulkies are especially for miniature horses. You are therefore assured that your shetlander or miniature horse will always face a sulky that is tailored to its size. In addition, our sulkies are also adjustable in many different ways so that your horse experiences optimum comfort.

Safety first at MHS Equestrian

A sulky must be light and suitable for all occasions and any terrain so that you and your horse or horses can take carefree rides. Safety is also important.

MHS Equestrian offers sulkies from top brands such as the Excellent Sulky with optimum comfort for both you and your horse. Because we consider safety to be so high, we give a whopping 10 year warranty for errors and / or defects in the construction of this sulky.

Our sulkies are delivered partially assembled. You do the other assembly yourself. We have of course ensured that parts such as the wheels, bearings and brakes are already fitted. You can therefore assemble without technical knowledge. The assembly is easy. You will spend less than half an hour on average. The sulkies can be powder coated in the color you want and the parts can also be ordered separately.