Fly Protection

Nothing is more annoying than nuisance from flies. Especially in the summer when the temperatures rise, flying, hornets and mosquitoes make it difficult for your shetlander or mini horse. The flies buzz around the head of your horse and stabbing insects cause irritation, unrest annoying, but luckily you will find enough tools at MHS Equestrian to make your shetlander or mini horse a lot more comfortable.

All kinds of fly protection at MHS Equestrian

With the help of a fly rug you can easily protect your shetlander or mini horse against stinging and tickling insects. The rug makes it more difficult for the insects to make a move. Our collection includes fly protection with a striking zebra print. The zebra print ensures that flies stay even better at a distance.

Furthermore, all fly rugs that you will find at MHS Equestrian are made of sturdy, fine-meshed fabric that is so thin that your shetlander or mini horse will not get warm while wearing it. You can also choose between variants with and without a neck piece. In our collection you will find brands such as Harry's Horse, Premiere and our own quality brand MHS.

Fly Masks

Fly masks protect the head and eyes of your horse. Although the mask is over the head of your shetlander or mini horse, he can look through it without any difficulty as the hoods are made of fine-meshed fabric. Just like with the rugs, you can also choose from different variants with the fly masks. For example, choose a mask with or without ears or a fly brow belt in a cheerful color combination.

In addition to fly rugs and fly masks, we have various fly sprays that you can easily order online. Fly spray neutralizes the odor of a horse, making it less likely to fly near.

More information or advice? Let us know!

Do you want to know more about one of our products or do you want advice about the optimal fly protection for your horse? Let us know. We are available by phone every working day from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm and are happy to help you further.