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Fly Caps

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  1. BR 4-EH Finn fly net
    BR 4-EH Finn fly net
  2. BR 4-EH Fly Cap Siskin Pony
    BR 4-EH Fly Cap Siskin Pony
  3. BR Ear Bonnet Morella 4-EH
    BR Ear Bonnet Morella 4-EH
  4. Flying net BR Equestrian
    Flying net BR Equestrian
  5. HB Fly Cap Diamond
    HB Fly Cap Diamond
  6. HB Fly Cap Diamonds
    HB Fly Cap Diamonds
  7. QHP Color Fly Veil
    QHP Color Fly Veil
  8. QHP Holland Fly Veil
    QHP Holland Fly Veil
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You can easily order Shetland and mini horse ear nets online at MHS Equestrian

Unfortunately, when the weather gets warmer in our country, the uninvited flying insects come back into action. Your shetlander or miniature horse can be troubled by the unrest that he feels with all those insects around his head.

Your horse's ears are a favorite spot for flying pests. Fortunately, you can protect them well using one of the ear nets from our range.

Fine materials in cheerful colors

We offer many different ear nets from the well-known brands such as Premiere, HB, QHP and BR. Thanks to the fresh colors, the ear nets look super nice. In addition, flies do not like bright colors, which means they will not come to your horse as quickly.

The earrings are finished with beautiful decorative trims and other nice details. The cotton material is highly breathable and elastic around the ears so that the net fits optimally. Because we know how difficult it can be to find a suitable ear net for your shetlander or miniature horse, you will find different sizes specially tailored to shetlanders and miniature horses.

Even more protection against flies and mosquitoes

In our webshop you will find many more products to protect against flies, gnats and mosquitoes. For example, we have fly masks to protect the eyes and the area around the eyes well.

A fly rug is suitable to protect the body of your horse against both flies and the harmful effects of the sun. In the field of fly rugs you can choose from variants with or without neck part.

Are the flies still not tired of it? Both while driving and in the meadow you keep flying pests at an appropriate distance with the help of an odor-neutralizing spray.

Tips from the experts at MHS Equestrian

In addition to providing good protection, there are more things you can do to help your pony from nuisance from mosquitoes and flies. For example, remove as much and often as possible the manure from the stable, paddock and pasture. The less manure, the fewer flies.

In addition, make sure that there is as little stagnant water in the vicinity of your horse as possible. This attracts extra mosquitoes.

Would you like more advice about protecting your horse against flying pests? Ask our experts. We are available by phone every working day from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM for all your questions.