Show Halters

Are you going to a show with your horse? Then show your shetland or mini horse with a beautiful leather show halter!

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A show or inspection for your miniature horse on the schedule? Then use a show halter!

With a halter you can easily guide your shetlander or miniature horse by hand, secure it during grooming or transport it in a trailer during. With the ring at the bottom of the halter you can attach a halter belt or rope.

Halters come in all kinds of different materials and cheerful colors. Enough choice so there is always a halter that fits your pony. During an inspection or show you naturally want your horse to look extra beautiful. In this case you can choose a nice show halter. These halters are also great for a photo shoot.

Leather show halters have a chic look. They offer your horse at least the same comfort as a stable halter, but make your shetlander or miniature horse look extra cool and stylish when they are in the spotlight.

A leather halter is sturdier and softer than a cotton or nylon halter and is very comfortable for your horse. However, it is important that you properly maintain the leather of your show halter. There are special maintenance products for this, such as saddle soap, leather grease or oil. Proper maintenance extends the life of your leather items. You also ensure that it continues to look like new.

Show halters from MHS Equestrian

We have a wide range of halters for shows and inspections, including various original American show halters. These halters are of the best quality and available in various colors of quality leather.

Do you really want your shetland or mini horse to shine at the show? Then choose a show halter with inlaid bling stones in the noseband, for example from Swarovski. You can also opt for patent leather, tough studs or another luxurious decoration. It's showtime! Combine the halter with show chain and complete your show gear. Show chains are available in gold and silver.

Because MHS Equestrian specializes in small ponies, the dimensions of our range, including the show halters, are completely tailored to your mini-horse. With us you will always find the right size and fit. You can also choose from all well-known brands and our unique own brand MHS. Your order is always in good hands with us. We deliver quickly. Do you order on weekdays before 5 PM? Then we will ship your order the same day.