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Buy pony hoof shoes?

Over the years, the choice in the field of pony hoof shoes has grown significantly. And that is good news for the smaller horse species. With smaller horses it is very difficult to properly cover their small hooves. Good nailing is often very difficult, thanks to the small size of their feet. Pony hoof shoes are a good alternative in that case. They offer good protection to the feet and are very comfortable for the horse.

Order pony hoof shoes at MHS Ruitersport

Due to the good cushioning of the rubber of which the Shetlander / pony hoof shoes are made, horses always walk around on these shoes. Moreover, there are many variations in this area. For example, there are shoes for longer trips, but also for short trips. In addition, there are shoes that are suitable for different types of surfaces, such as asphalt or sand.

Within our large range you will find everything you need in this area. Different materials, the best brands and a wide variety of colors: we have it all. It is very important that you find the right hoof shoe for your horse. After all, you want it to fit perfectly around the foot, without it sliding or being too tight. Not sure what you need? We are happy to assist you with expert advice.