Lungeing & Groundwork

Improve both the physical and mental condition of your shetlander or mini horse with the help of groundwork and longing. Make exercises more challenging, enjoy both the training sessions and build a strong bond with your horse. In our range you will find everything you need to get started with earthwork or lunging!

You can find help with groundwork and longing at MHS Equestrian

When you get started with lunging and groundwork, there are various tools that you can use. For example, are you planning to lunge your shetlander or mini horse? First choose a nice lunge line. Then don't let your horse run the same round all the time, but ensures variety. This can be done by changing hands, by having your horse make different transitions or by challenging your horse with challenging plastic mini-blocks that they can jump over.

We sell the lunge lines in different lengths so that you will always find the right length for your horse. The lunge lines are made of soft leather or soft nylon. In our webshop you will find various copies, for example of Harry’s Horse, Première and our own quality brand MHS.

Lunging aids and lunging aids are other aids for lunging. The lunging aid helps your shetlander or mini horse to fully relax his back during training.

Looking for more challenge during the groundwork? Cavaletti blocks are perfect for this! You can use the blocks to experience all kinds of obstacles that you can use to make your shet or mini horse jump or jump over. The versatile blocks can be stacked and supplemented with attributes such as obstacle bars. They are made of plastic, making them both solid and easy to move.

Easy online ordering

At MHS Equestrian you easily order these lunging aids and plastic mini-blocks online. Do you place your order on a workday before 5:00 PM? Then we ensure that your items are shipped the same day. You can pay securely and securely via iDeal or afterwards, after receiving your order and the invoice. Moreover, you have no less than four weeks to return products. That is the service from MHS Equestrian!