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Does your horse suffer from summer eczema? Then he is allergic to midges. Small mosquitoes that are active from March to October / November. Protect the skin of your shetland or miniature horse with an eczema rug and prevent irritation and stress.

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Beat gnats to the punch with an eczema rug

You are not prepared yet, you think it will take a while before these gnats will come, stinging your ponies and thus creating allergic reactions. And then, all of a sudden, they’re back and your Shetland pony, your Falabella miniature horse or your pony is already in a bad way due to the allergic reaction. The spots that appear cause an itchy and burning feeling and on top of that, they scorch the beautiful skin. Irritation and stress among your ponies are the unpleasant consequence. This can happen early on in the year, much sooner than you’d expect. Actually from March till October or even November. You’d be well-advised to buy some protection in order to prevent this from happening. What we always recommend in these cases is an eczema blanket. This rug will prevent most of the distress.

What exactly does an eczema blanket do

An eczema blanket looks a lot like a fly rug. Both blankets have to offer protection against insects. Their special colour combinations have a repelling effect and the insects steer clear of your Shetland pony, Falabella or Welsh pony simply because they are confused, they do not recognize the horse that they would love to sting under normal circumstances. And if these flies overcome their confusion, both blankets still protect the horses. But at the same time, this is also the difference between the two blankets. Sometimes flies are able to sting right through the protective coating of a fly blanket and besides that, the fly rug leaves enough openings for the fly to strike. An eczema blanket however, is an impenetrable unit for gnats. Your pony, whether it is a Shetland pony, a Falabella, or a  Welsh pony, is fully wrapped up in this eczema blanket. This makes the eczema blanket a very complete suit, and in terms of protection it is invincible. It is advisable to wash your pony before putting the blanket on, and it’s also a good idea to support your horse with itch-reducing products to avoid rubbing.

Tip from MHS Equestrian

You would do well to equip your Shetland pony, Falabella or Welsh pony with an eczema blanket, but you can do even more. It is advisable to keep your pony in the stable during sunrise and sunset for the gnats are extremely active then. On our blog about this specific subject – connected to this website - you can read more about prevention of eczema. We, at Minihorseshop, encourage this kind of information sharing because it enhances the wellbeing of ponies. One more service that we excel in is fast delivery. Your package will be dispatched today if you order before 17.00 hrs.