Therapy Rugs

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Order a therapy rug for your Shetlander

A therapy rug for your Shetland can be a real godsend. Sometimes you get the feeling that your horse is not optimally in his or her skin. After moving, muscles remain stiff longer and the horse moves less smoothly than before. Therapy rugs for a Shetland can provide the solution. These rugs have several positive effects on horses. This makes it a must for many horses. Even if you are looking for a therapy rug for a pony, you have come to the right place at our webshop.

How does a therapy rug for a Shetlander work?

The principle behind a therapy blanket for your Shetland is quite simple. These types of rugs make use of magnetic fields to stimulate the circulation of the blood. If the blood circulation is not working optimally, your horse will notice this in various ways. Muscles remain stiff for longer, moving is less flexible and your horse will feel less well overall. The impact of a therapy rug will therefore mainly be reflected in the degree of movement of your horse. Because the muscles move more smoothly and recover more quickly from exertion, your horse will be able to move more and feel better in his or her skin. You will soon see this positive effect in your Shetland. That is why therapy rugs are recommended for everyone. With us you will find these types of blankets in all shapes and sizes. Our range is particularly wide. Not sure which blanket is best for your horse? You can always contact us for expert advice. We are available to advise and assist you.