Under Rugs

Despite the fact that an under rug hardly ever comes to the surface, an under rug is extremely functional. Keep your shetland or miniature horse warm. Combine your rug with an under rug!

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An additional blanket for your pony

They are worn underneath another blanket – like a stable blanket, a rain blanket or a winter blanket, so in fact one never sees them, they exist nonetheless in huge amounts: underblankets for ponies. These rugs are placed directly on the back of your Shetland pony, Falabella or Welsh pony, and usually another type of blanket is placed on top of the underblanket. The kind of blanket you put on top depends on the weather conditions. In any case there are two blankets involved, therefore we also call them combination blankets. Although we hardly ever see the underblanket as it is invisible, being part of the combination blanket, they all have their own distinguishing features and they come in many different colours, sizes and thicknesses. We’ll come back to this last feature, when we elaborate on the main purpose of underblankets.

The purpose of an underblanket as second blanket

You may think: that’s nice, an extra blanket to be combined with the usual blanket, but what’s the point? A winter blanket or a stable rug should do, right? That seems to make sense, especially if you already possess a very thick winter blanket to protect your Shetland pony, Falabella or Welsh pony, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes your winter blanket or stable blanket is just not quite thick enough for the actual weather conditions, and it causes your pony to catch a cold. At other times, the blanket might just be a bit too thick and your miniature horse will start sweating and then feeling cold because of the damp and thus ends up cold-stricken. On such days, an underblanket is a perfect godsend. By placing the underblanket underneath the other blanket, you can create little variations in temperature for your pony. Depending on the temperature you like to achieve, you can determine the thickness of the underblanket. Is your winter blanket far too thin, you use a rather thick underblanket. And when your winter rug is almost thick enough, and you just need just an additional thin layer, you use a paper-thin underblanket. This way you can ride your Shetland, Falabella or Welsh pony and your pony will not get cold, either by the low temperatures, or as a result of sweating.

Quality at a fair price

Of course you only want the best for your pony and at a good price at that. These two conditions usually clash, but at Minihorseshop we combine the two very smoothly. You’ll find a lot of  high quality products at favourable prices, also underblankets for your Shetland, Falabella or Miniature horse. Quality is very important in case of an underblanket.