Saddles & Saddle Accessories

An optimally fitting saddle is very important for your shetlander or mini horse. If his saddle does not fit or fits properly, he will force himself to avoid pain or bottlenecks. And that can lead to back complaints and painful pressure spots. Pay a lot of attention to fitting and choosing a saddle and also adjust it to your riding style and physique. MHS Equestrian sells many types of saddles in various fits and materials such as leather or plastic.

Saddle accessories and accessories

You can also go to MHS for everything you need besides your saddle, for example stirrup belts and stirrups. Like saddles, there are bow straps in leather and plastic. Plastic is easy to use and maintain. Leather is incredibly strong and has a very long lifespan if you maintain it properly. All our belts can be ordered in various lengths and thicknesses.

Stirrups ensure comfort, safety and stability when driving. In our webshop you will find different types of stainless steel stirrups. And our plastic brackets are available in a number of fresh colors.

Use a girth to properly hold your horse's saddle. This is also available in various materials, for example nylon, neoprene or leather. On our product page you can read exactly which material has which advantages.

Starter set

Have you just started riding? Then you need everything, both for your shetlander or mini-horse and for yourself. To give you an easy start, we have developed special starter sets: a complete saddle set for an attractive price.

Different brands

We sell saddles and accessories from various brands, including QHP, Premiere and of course our own quality brand MHS. Whichever brand you choose, we always ensure that you receive your ordered products as quickly as possible. That is why we are happy to guarantee that if you place your order before 5 pm, we will ship it (if available) the same day.