Training Aids

When training your mini horse you use different attributes. Our range of training materials ensures your mini horse gets a balanced workout.


Our saddles are well suited for miniature horses and Shetland ponies and very convenient for being usage by children. They are lightweight and easy to maintain.

Saddle pad

For a well-fitting saddle, you can use a saddle pad, saddle pillow or saddle cloth. These are available in various colours and sizes.

Jumping obstacles

You can use several beams, Cavaletti blocks and similar for an all-round training for your mini horse or Shetland pony. We have several tips to use these materials for a full training.

Lungeing girths

Our lungeing girths are suited for making sure all the major muscle groups are well-trained, so your horse will be well-balanced physically. They are available in various designs and materials.


We have separated our whips into two different categories on the basis of the type of usage and when which whip is best to use. We have such a large choice of lungeing whips and driving whips, that you will always find one that fits your need and the need of your miniature horse or Shetland pony.  

Driving whips

These are whips for general use, carriage driving or during training. They are also very suitable to have on hand when driving because of their grip and lightwight. Note that these driving whips are only for incentive and never for hurting your mini horse or Shetland pony. 

Lungeing whips

Lungeing whips are long whips with an even longer lash, so that you don't have very far to go during lungeing. This way you can just rotate along with your miniature horse or Shetland pony as a constant encouragement.

Additional information abouth the lenght and weight of the whips can be found in the driving size chart. 

Lungeing lines

Miniature horses and Shetland ponies are usually are trained on a lungeing line. Our wide range of lungeing lines provides a lungeing line fit for training any horse. So you will always find the lungeing line that fits your mini horse or Shetland pony perfectly.

For further information we refer to the size charts and product information.