A leather vehicle or chest harness is very comfortable for your shetlander or miniature horse and ensures that the saddle does not shift while riding. Order easily and quickly online in our webshop.

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The use of a breastplates

With a breastplates or breast collar you ensure that the saddle of your shetlander or miniature horse does not shift while riding. You can attach the harness to the front of your saddle, preventing it from sliding backwards. This is especially useful when you allow your horse to climb a hill or slope during a ride.

The breastplates is also ideal for jumping. It reduces the pressure of the girth on the lower abdomen of your horse. Finally, you can also use this bridle as a basic bridle to which you attach another bridle, such as the martingale.

The breastplates of MHS Equestrian

In our webshop you will find different breastplates. You attach the breast collar to the saddle and the girth with a clip or musketon.

Chest harnesses are available in various materials, such as plastic, elastic or leather. The disadvantage of plastic or elastic is that sanding spots can occur when your shetlander or miniature horse sweats a lot. The leather breast implements in our range prevent this. By using natural leather, your horse can lose its warmth well. Leather is also a lot softer for the skin.

Our breast harnesses are more than adjustable and the front is softly padded for optimum comfort. The fits are of course extremely suitable for small horses such as Shetland.

Advice from the experts at MHS Equestrian

When using an auxiliary rein, the welfare of your horse is paramount. Tools are meant to help and not to force. We therefore advise you to delve into the functioning of an auxiliary rein before you use it. You can also ask for advice, for example from one of our experts. We are available daily by phone from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. and are happy to help.

Our service

Our service goes much further than free advice. If you have made a choice from our more than 15,000 products and you place your order online before 5 p.m., we will ensure that your package is sent the same day. You can pay afterwards and have no less than 30 days to change your mind.