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Help reins wanted? You can find them at MHS Equestrian

Actually, reins should not be missing in your collection of horse accessories. Training aids for a Shetlander or training aids for a pony can be of great value to you. An auxiliary rein can be especially helpful for teaching a certain posture when walking. Training aids come in all shapes and sizes, where the activity for which you will use them also influences your choice.

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You can use a training aid for a Shetland in various activities. There are reins that help you with dressage, but there are also suitable reins for jumping and lunging in our range. For example, you will choose a side rein if you are going to lunge, but a martingale will be your choice if you want to jump with your horse. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it within the range of this webshop. We offer competitive prices without compromising on quality. Our customer conditions will also appeal to you. With every purchase you get a 30 day reflection period and you pay in the way you prefer. We will send you everything you order before 5:00 PM. This way you never have to wait long for your order.