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Clippers & Accessories

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  1. Adapter Saphir Cord
    Adapter Saphir Cord
  2. Clipper Blades Moser Adelar
    Clipper Blades Moser Adelar
  3. Clipper Lister Star
    Clipper Lister Star
    $540.47 $459.39
  4. Clipper Sheep Blade
    Clipper Sheep Blade
  5. Clipperblade Set Heiniger
    Clipperblade Set Heiniger
  6. Heiniger Clipper Oil
    Heiniger Clipper Oil
  7. Heiniger Progress
    Heiniger Progress
    $500.43 $425.35
  8. Heiniger Saphir Cord
    Heiniger Saphir Cord
  9. Heiniger Xplorer
    Heiniger Xplorer
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You can easily order shavers online at MHS Equestrian

In our webshop you will find a wide collection of shavers for your shetland or mini horse.

As soon as the days get shorter in the fall, your shetlander or mini horse starts making his winter fur. The fur becomes fuller and thicker and your horse raises its hair for a natural isolation. Good preparation for cold winter days.

If you keep training a lot with your horse in the winter, that thick coat is less useful. He will sweat a lot more in his thick winter coat and after training makes your horse more sensitive to cold and draft.

You can therefore choose to shave your shetlander, so that he can lose his warmth well even in the winter.

Hygiene is another reason to shave your horse. It stays a lot cleaner because less dirt and sweat can remain in the fur. Taking care of the coat also becomes a lot less time-consuming.

Good preparation is half the battle

Make sure you start the shaving job well prepared. In our webshop you will find a number of books that will help you on your way.

If you want to shave your entire horse, we recommend one of the robust shavers in our range. We have several examples, with a long cord or cordless working on a battery.

All accessories for the shaver, such as a battery or knife set, can be ordered separately. For the smaller cuts, we have a wide selection of toilet scissors.

Important after shaving

After your horse is shaved, he needs a rug to keep himself warm when he is not training. In our range you will find various winter rugs or sweat rugs that are extremely suitable for this.

Shaving advice from MHS Equestrian

Do you have questions about a type of shaver or one of the components or do you want advice about when and how to shave your shetlander or mini horse? Ask our experts. We are happy to talk to you.