SMHN Slowfeeder Feed Ring 230


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A slow feeder that can be attached to an existing feed ring (not included).


  • Your horse can eat unlimited roughage.
  • Prevents stomach ulcers.
  • Prevents boredom and/or feed envy because the horse is busy.
  • It reduces the risk of sand colic and constipation colic.
  • The risk of laminitis and volvulus (rotation of the intestine) decreases.
  • Prevents the loss of hay due to it can blowing away .
  • he advantage of nets over bins is that when hay gets wet, it dries again but in containers you run the risk that it could go moldy.


Diameter - 230cm

Height - 130cm

Mesh width  - 3.5cm

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About SMHN

SMHN hay nets are of the best quality of their kind. Because these slow feeder nets are made of polypropylene, these nets are stronger than those made of nylon. These nets absorb much less water than the original nylon nets, so that they also remain cleaner.