SMHN Slowfeeder Feed Ring 230


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Product information

Special slowfeeder that can attach to an existing ring.
This feed ring has a diameter of 2.30 meters.

Some advantages of a slowfeeder:

  • Your horse can eat unlimited roughage 
  • Prevents stomach ulcers and boredom 
  • Reduces sand and obstruction colic 
  • The chance volvulus decreases 
  • The risk of laminitis decreases 
  • The hay can not be spilled or get dirty 
  • Feeding envy between the herd is over. 

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About SMHN

SMHN hay nets are of the best quality of their kind. Because these slow feeder nets are made of polypropylene, these nets are stronger than those made of nylon. These nets absorb much less water than the original nylon nets, so that they also remain cleaner.