Fence & Accessories

At MHS Equestrian you will find fences and accessories to create a safe pasture for your horse. Or you are looking for wire tensioners, gate handles, ribbon or insulators.

The importance of a safe pasture

A good fence is very important for a safe pasture. Protruding parts should preferably be avoided. Fences made of barbed wire, smooth wire or mesh are also unsuitable for a horse pasture. These materials are not clearly visible to a horse. In addition, it is sharp which can cause serious injuries. (Sheep) mesh is also not recommended. The large openings can cause horses with their hoofs to get entangled, which also increases the risk of injury

The fence of a horse meadow must therefore be safe, high, strong and, above all, clearly visible. This, for example, with the aid of electric fencing in the form of a ribbon or rubber tires that is used in combination with electric fencing.

Electric fence

Electric fencer is supplied with power from a electric fencer connected to the mains. This device then outputs electrical pulses from 1500 to 2000 volts to a conductive wire of the fence. Is a connection to the light network not possible? Then you can opt for a battery device. However, the electrical pulses from these devices are generally less strong.

Insulators are used to attach the wire to the posts. These include rings that are often made of plastic. They can also be made of porcelain. The insulators ensure that the wire does not touch the posts. If this does happen, the current to the bottom disappears, so the current wire has virtually no effect.

Gate handles are used to easily open and close a whey. These can be attached to the ends of the leads, you simply hook them in and guide the current without you getting a shock.