Electric Fence

The right electric fence for your enclosure

If you have bought an energizer and insulators, this also includes an electric fence. And at MHS Equestrian we offer a wide choice. First you calculate how much wire you need and what the maximum length is for a good conduction of the electricity. For example, there are rolls of 250 meters and of 1000 meters. Always choose a little too much to make sure you don't come up short. Also choose electric fence for horses and not for other animals, so that it really has the desired effect on your horse.

Electrical wire for your fence

Many people opt for electric fences if the fence needs to be moved. You can use it for years, but you can also change it if, for example, you want to sell a piece of whey for something else. The electric fence in the meadow can easily be attached to wooden posts with insulators and we also have these in stock. Electric fencing keeps your horse secure on a piece of land, but also ensures that other larger animals do not go into the meadow. In addition, it is ideal to take with you when you have a multi-day competition or when you go out with your horse.