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The best tape for your fence can be found at MHS Equestrian

If you want to place your horse temporarily or permanently in a fence, you need a scare device and a conductor and tape is a good choice. Scare tape, the name says it all, is a tape-shaped conductor through which current flows and thus keeps your horse within the wires. This can be useful if you need a permanent fence, but also if you participate in a multi-day competition, if you want to fence off a part of your pasture or if you are traveling with your horse. You can easily attach the tape to wooden or plastic posts with insulators, creating a clear fence that your horse can't get out of and that other horses and animals can't get in either.

The types of tape at MHS Equestrian

With MHS Equestrian you have plenty of choice in fencing tape. We offer different brands, different lengths, different widths and different colors. So measure in advance how much tape your horse needs. Also think carefully about the insulators. These are for permanent fencing and will help you attach the tape to posts and other fencing.