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Insulators for your fence energizer

If you have bought a fence energizer, then insulators are also part of it. These are the eyes through which the electric fence is guided and with which you attach it to the posts. At MHS Equestrian we only sell quality insulators and that is important, because this affects the effectiveness of the electricity throughput. There are various insulators for horses for sale, so it is good to think about your purchase.

The right insulators for your horse

The choice of the right insulators for the pasture or paddock will probably be determined by what you want to attach them to and the type of wire you use. There are ring insulators that you screw into the post and then run electric fence through. There are also distance insulators that will keep your horse from nibbling on it. If you want to use electric tape, special clamps are also available here, which are very easy to use. Are you still unsure about the best insulators for your horses? Please contact MHS Equestrian and we will help you make your choice. This way you always choose the right insulators for your horse pasture, for your fence energizer and specific circumstances.