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MHS Equestrian: for all the tools

If you have a horse, you will also need to purchase tools. This is usually hoof tools, because properly maintaining your horse's hooves is essential. At MHS Equestrian you will find sufficient tools with which you will probably know what to do in the stable. For example, we have hoof rasps, wire cutters, hoof knives, hoof blocks and hoof files. With this you ensure that your horse's hooves are clean when he goes into the stable and that bacterial and fungal growth is therefore not encouraged.

Other tools

Anyone who takes care of a horse will know that there are other tools involved. So it's not a bad idea to also invest in a tool set and put it in the stable or take it with you when you go to your horse. Horse tools will help you make minor repairs in the stable, erect a temporary fence and attach a hay rack. With tools for horses and your horse's hooves, you don't have to immediately call the blacksmith or hire a handyman. By doing this yourself first you will save money and you will be ready faster.