Slowfeeders & Hay net

Slowfeeder haynets for your horse

In autumn and winter, your horse will be in the stable for a long time because it is too cold to go outside. Your horse will stand still a lot and will have little to do. Even the food doesn't last long in these cold months. The feed will mainly consist of hay or silage and since you prepare this for him, the horse will quickly finish eating. Special feeding systems have been devised to allow the horse to spend a little longer on his feeding time. These are called slowfeeders. The horse has to make more effort to be able to grab his feed, which means that the feeding time lasts longer. Of course, a slowfeeder must be sturdy and safe for the horse.

Which slowfeeder suits your horse?

Of course you can get started making a slowfeeder for your horse. For example, you can take a mortar tub and use a rubber mat to turn it into a slowfeeder. Simply put, you put the hay in the mortar tub and then you put the rubber mat on top. The horse must then try to pull the hay off the mat between the holes. It goes without saying that it will take longer before he has finished eating.

If you are perhaps not very handy or simply don't have the time for it, then you better buy one. There are various slowfeeder feeding systems on the market. For example, you have hay nets. The feed is placed in the net and the horse has to grab its feed through the meshes of the net. Meshed nets are available in different sizes. A stable bag works on the same principle. The horse has to grab the hay between the meshes of the bag. Another example is a hay click. The hay is placed in a click. A piece of gauze is attached to the bottom of the wheelie bin so that the horse can reach its hay.

Advantages slowefeeder and hay net

  • Prolongs eating time
  • Prevents large gaps between feeding times
  • Reduces calorie intake
  • Less waste of hay
  • Prevents boredom

You can order slowfeeders at MHS Equestrian

Our nets have a mesh size of at least 3 x 3 centimeters for an optimal supply of hay. The hay sacks are made of ultra-strong polypropylene, among other things. With us you will find the best for your horse for the best possible price!