Stable Disinfection

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Disinfection of your stable with the produtcs of MHS Equestrian

A stable should be a clean and healthy place where your horse can spend some quiet time and disinfecting your stable is probably something you do on a regular basis. It is recommended to completely disinfect and clean the stable at least once or twice a year. In between, you manure it every day, use pest control, do not leave food lying around and provide fresh water. You can easily disinfect your stable with our disinfectants.

Regular disinfection of your stable

It is therefore good to completely disinfect your stable at least twice a year, especially if your horse is there a lot. That is why we offer stable disinfection products in various forms, such as spray, liquid or powder. You do this to avoid and counter the spread of disease. You can disinfect your stable with standard products, but there are also species-specific products. It is best to disinfect the stable with products that do not affect humans, animals and the environment. In our range you will surely find what you need to offer your horse a healthy, clean and tidy stable again.