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In a trailer you can easily take your horse to a competition, to a show or inspection. Of course you want your horse to have a pleasant experience when he or she has to be transported. Logically that is a good experience at the trailer goes hand in hand with a lot of rest and patience, and there are of course several tools available that make transport a little easier a positive experience.

Easy loading with a loading aid

An example of such an aid is a loading aid. A loading aid is a tool that makes it easier for you to put your horse on the trailer. Especially when your horse finds it scary to put a step on the tailgate at all, a loading aid can be the way out.

A loading aid puts some pressure on the horse's buttocks, motivating a horse to walk. Do you already have more experience with loading and unloading? The help also makes it possible to put your horse on the trailer on your own.

Distraction on the move

Hay nets and / or slow feeders also provide distraction on the road. A well-stocked hay net keeps your horse busy, creating the necessary peace and relaxation.

In addition, make sure that your horse is properly secured with halter ropes made of training rubber and protect your horse's legs against injuries with the necessary transport protectors. Transport protectors are available in different colors, sizes and variants. As a result, you will also find a suitable pair for your horse to get on the road safely.

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