Zapi Zap Trap Glue for mice & insects 15x21cm


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Product information

The glue trap to catch mice and crawling insects.
Ideal in places where one cannot / may not combat with poison.

The Zapi Zap Trap is a ready-to-use glue trap to catch mice and insects.
Includes aroma for added appeal.

Perfect to use in
Houses, factories, hospitals, supermarkets, storage areas, stables, farms and all other places where mice and insects live.

15 x 21 cm

3 pieces

Extra strong adhesion which makes es(safety) helmete impossible!

Legal instructions
The use of glue and glue traps to catch rats and mice is prohibited, but is permitted under certain conditions in specific cases. For the use of glue and glue traps you must request an exemption from:

Netherlands Enterprise Agency
Dept. Regulations Department
Tel: 088-042 42 42
E-mail: the contact form on the website:


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