Horse Candy

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Healthy horse candy at MHS Equestrian

The word horse candy sounds a bit negative, because soup is unhealthy, isn't it? Not if you take the horse treats from MHS Equestrian. These are sugar free and contain natural ingredients. This way you can reward your horse for a good performance or you can teach him or her without having to worry about getting these bad nutrients or getting too fat. For example, there is horse candy that consists of plant fibers supplemented with, for example, apple, carrots or linseed. You have a wonderful reward for your horse that you don't have to feel guilty about at the same time.

The horse candy from MHS Equestrian is the perfect treat

Anyone who owns a horse knows that riding, dressage or groundwork is considerably easier if you give your horse a treat now and then. With sweets, your horse will pair the performance with something tasty and repeat it. Of course there is also candy for your pony with which you teach him or her all kinds of tricks and help you to perform. The horse treats from MHS Equestrian are available in different flavors. You will certainly find a variant that your horse likes and takes him or her to the next level.