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The best horse clippers at MHS Equestrian

Different types of clippers are offered and the range at MHS Equestrian is wide. If you do not want your horse to grow a winter coat, or if you have a horse with a thick coat, a clipper is very useful. Your horse is always neat, but it does not have to be too warm during the summer. Clippers are also available for horses that should only be kept tidy. It is therefore important that you purchase the clipper that best suits your situation and horse. You will undoubtedly find them at MHS Equestrian.

Our range of clippers

With us you will find a clipper for your horse or a shaver for your pony with which you can shave it in the autumn and in the winter. In addition, there are clippers for toileting and shaving in turns. These devices are smaller and less strong. The large clippers have a stronger motor and a larger shaving head with which every horse can be shaved from head to toe. And after you have performed the shave and your horse is tidy again, you can also choose a nice rug so that your horse can stand warm and comfortable in the stable.