Horse Licks

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Always enough minerals with the licks of MHS Equestrian

Horses, just like people, need minerals and the licks of MHS Equestrian help your horse to stay healthy. Different types of horse licks are available. Salt is important for horses and they get too little of it every day without lick. A salt deficiency causes too much moisture loss, which is especially bad for active and sport horses and in warm weather. With a lick you ensure that your horse gets the right minerals and in the right amounts. Because just like people, too much salt is not healthy either. A lick helps you regulate and control this, so that your horse performs optimally.

Different types of licks

With us you will find a wide range of licks for your horse. That way you determine which minerals your horse will consume. Think for example of salt, but also of magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium, iodine, iron, trace elements or extra food supplements such as biotin and garlic. Of course we also have licks for your pony, because they also benefit from a good salt and mineral intake. The licks of MHS Equestrian help you keep your horse or pony healthy.