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Payment methods

You can pay safely online at MHS Equestrian in the following ways:

With iDeal you can pay your order securely and securely at any MHS Equestrian webshop.
You calculate in your own trusted internet payment environment. This is secured by your own bank.

You can pay at MHS Equestrian with your Visa card.

You can pay at MHS Equestrian with your MasterCard.

You can pay at MHS Equestrian with Maestro.

You can pay at MHS Equestrian with PayPal.

Bank transfer / Prepayment
You can also choose to choose between bank transfer (bank transfer). For payment by We do not charge any extra costs. Once you choose bank transfer, you will automatically receive an email containing the transfer information. Our transfers are provided by MultiSafePay.

Pay attention! If you use bank transfer, MHS Equestrian will not ship your order until we receive your payment. This may take up to 3 business days before we receive the amount. Always use the payment identifier that you receive in your email at your bank transfer.

Pay after receipt
You can also choose the Payment to Receive Payment option. With this payment option, the financial settlement of the invoice is taken over and handled by MultiSafepay. The payment period is 30 days.

Pay attention! There is a limit for this way of ordering. When you exceed this limit, this payment option is unavailable.


MHS Equestrian uses multisafepay payment services. Multisafepay is our payment provider and all payments such as, IDeal, Visa / Master Card and Bank Transfer are via Multisafepay. You will encounter this name on your bank statement.


How does 'Pay to Reception' work?

Payment after receipt is a Multisafepay online product that performs a real-time data check. To do this, you must complete some personal information. You choose this payment method and you automatically agree to the terms and conditions of payment of Multisafepay.

Once your payment has been approved, you will be notified immediately. Your order will be processed immediately and you will receive a multisafepay payment request email within a few days to pay the purchased products. You pay directly to Multisafepay the amount and not at the MHS Equestrian.

If your postpay request is not authorized, you can of course pay the product to be ordered using a different payment method in the checkout. For questions, you can always contact Multisafepay. For more information, refer to the Multisafepay website.

Only Dutch customers can use the payment method, 'Pay after receipt'.


When will I receive the invoice?

Once your order is processed, you will automatically receive an invoice by email. You can also find your invoice at the order status of your order. You log in to our website with your email address and order number. Upon receipt of your order, you will receive a coupon and an invoice for returning the ordered products.


Refunds of canceled orders

If your order has been canceled or, after consultation with MHS Equestrian, has returned a product within 14 days, if possible, in the original original undamaged packaging, we will refund the invoice amount exclusive of shipping costs to our known account number. When paid by credit card or via PayPal, the amount will be refunded to the linked account. In case of impairment, the costs will be charged to you. Of these you always receive a written message.

Payment fee

MHS Equestrian does not charge its customers any payment.

3-D Secure and SecureCode

What are 3-D Secure and Secure Code?

3-D Secure and Secure Code make internet payments even safer. The 3D-Secure technology was developed by Visa and is offered under the brand Verified by Visa. Under the MasterCard Secure Code label, MasterCard also offers this standard. 3-D Secure and Secure Code make an additional step when placing your order that is meant for your safety. You will be protected from abuse of your credit card number because you first confirm your identity before the payment.

Checking Stages via Verified by Visa (3-D Secure):

1. You choose a product
2. Selects the payment method: Visa credit card
3. Enter your Visa card data
4. A new window will appear
5. You enter your password here and click send
6. Your identity is confirmed
7. Payment is completed

You will receive a SecureCode, MasterCard or MasterCard. This password or this code is used as an additional check to identify the correct credit card holder online.

Checkout via MasterCard Secure Code:

1. You choose a product
2. Selects the payment method: MasterCard credit card
3. Enter the MasterCard data
4. A window asking for a password or code appears
5. Enter your password or code and click send
6. Your identity is confirmed
7. Payment is completed