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Everything for your tack room can be found at MHS Equestrian

If you have a stable, you probably also have a tack room. This is a particularly handy room, because this is where you store all your horse equipment, such as your saddle, bridle, tools and grooming equipment for your horse. It's handy to have this stuff on hand so you don't have to carry it around every time. Tack rooms must therefore also be well furnished, so that you can store all your necessities. At MHS Equestrian we therefore offer a number of handy products with which you can optimize your tack room layout.

The tack room range of MHS Equestrian

In the MHS Equestrian range you will therefore find saddle carriers that you can fold and that take up little space when not in use. We also have bridle and harness hangers that you can use to store your belongings neatly and not have to leave them lying around. A blanket rack can be useful if you want to be able to store or hang a blanket neatly. This can then dry there while your horse is in the stable and you are back home. With our products you can organize your tack room optimally and safely store your belongings for the next day.