Rugs To 165cm

The right rug for your shetland or miniature horse takes care of everything, in every circumstance and on every occasion. Our extensive range of rugs are of the best quality, do exactly what is required of them, under all circumstances.

The right rug for your mini horse takes care of everything, in every circumstance and in every occasion. Our extensive range of blankets is of the finest quality, they do exactly as required, under all circumstances. Thus, your horse will wish more freedom of movement in the pasture than in the stable. Meanwhile, it will be protected from the rain and comfortably cooled after exercise. We have everything you need for your mini horse, whether it is 'at home' as on a show or inspection.

We have a blanket for every occasion and circumstance:

Winter rugs

In the category winter rugs you can find the turnout rugs (also called outdoor rugs). All rugs are more than capable of keeping your mini horse or Shetland pony nice and warm during the cold months, outside or inside the stables. The rugs are available from 100 grams to 500 grams lining and are all waterproof.

Rain rugs

All of our rain rugs are made to keep your miniature horse of Shetland pony dry wether he is in pastures or in the stable.

Stall rugs

These stall rugs offer extra warmth and protection while your mini horse remains inside the stable.

Under rugs

These are soft and warm under rugs, that can be used under for example a rain rug or winter rug. This is used so that a waterproof rug can be used for longer while the weather gets colder.

Fleece rugs

In this category are the sweat rugs, perspiration rug, cooler rugs or fleece rugs that can be used both in the stables or at shows and inspections.

Summer rugs

These summer rugs can be used in the hot season when you want to give your mini horse or Shetland pony a little extra protection.

Fly rugs

All rugs that are made to be worn outside and shield your miniature horse or Shetland pony from insects are called fly rugs.

Eczema rugs

During the warm season, your mini horse or Shetland pony can suffer from summer itch, also known as Queensland Itch or Seasonal Recurrent Dermatitis (SSRD). This is caused by an allergic reaction that horses have the bites of flies and mosquitoes. The itch can be so maddening that the horse rubs his skin untill the skin breaks and bleeds. To protect your horse's lesions and delicate skin, you can choose to purchase the eczema rug. These rugs nog only cover the trunk of the horse, but also the neck.

Foal rugs

For rugs for the smallest horses, ponies or just newborn foals, it is wise to start looking at the foal rugs.

Other rugs

For all remaining rug accessoiries there is the residual category of other rugs. In this category you will find for example, fly masks, girths and more such products

Rug Brands

We have rugs of all the well known brands in our range: BR, Premiere, QHP, Tough-1, Kensington and our own brand, the MHS collection. Which is the right size rug you will need for your mini horse or Shetland pony, you will find out in our size chart.

Benefits of our blankets:

  • They are always the right size.
  • Comfort increases by perfect fit.

A few examples of how our blanket increase comfort with their expert fit.

  • The shoulders keep under the blanket, preventing chafing.
  • Gussets are cut out higher for more freedom of movement and to prevent wear.
  • Your mini horse will never trip over its blanket.

For further information we refer to the size charts and product information.